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This organization does great things for all communities in and around Boston. They operate shelters, food pantries, and many other programs.

–Linda M. B.

Kevin Murphy: A Story of Hope & Resilience

Kevin Murphy was the youngest of six children whose parents worked prominent healthcare jobs. At the age of two, Kevin’s father committed suicide. Soon after, his older brother also committed suicide.

Years later, Kevin’s depression lead to addiction. By age 12, he was drinking and taking phencyclidine (PCP). His search for a solution started early, but remained elusive for years. He attended his first AA meeting at 16 and entered detox by 18. He bounced between detox centers and hospitals looking for a cure. “I’ve lived in dozens of shelters around the country to realize that I was lost in life,” said Kevin.

At the age of 26 Kevin became a father of two boys with his long-term girlfriend. He was working and unaware that his girlfriend suffered from post-partum depression and would leave the babies unattended for hours at a time. The oldest son, was removed by the Department of Social Services and adopted by his foster family. Never to be seen again. Kevin’s girlfriend, then suffocated the youngest baby in his crib and was charged with manslaughter and incarcerated.

Forgotten decades went by as Kevin, feeling very alone would sit near the railroad tracks waiting for the right moment to jump in front of an oncoming train.

Then an admission to McLean’s Hospital and referral to the MHSA Bristol Lodge Men’s shelter in Waltham, MA led to the changes he had long sought. While at Bristol, a behavioral health appointment was arranged and Kevin was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder (MDD) and prescribed Trintellix. “It fixed me and changed my life,” said Kevin, who has now been sober for six years.

Kevin’s outlook changed and he was soon able to trust people again. Kevin stayed at the MHSA Bristol Lodge for 18 months during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I love the staff there, but not going back.” Kevin worked with the program staff to get an apartment of his own. Kevin is now a Waltham resident and loves his new lifestyle, cooking, exercise, spirituality, pets, plants and people. “I am loving life today and my life is second to none.”

Kevin Murphy