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MHSA Programs

All of our programs are designed to serve people who often come to us at one of the most challenging times in their lives.
Our staff strive to create an environment of dignity and respect and come to work with a genuine desire to offer the support and services needed to help individuals and families return to independence and a healthy life.

At MHSA, we know that safe and accessible shelter is a basic human need and provide this service to countless individuals and families each night. Our staff prioritize respect and dignity for individuals and families experiencing homelessness and are well versed in the multitude of challenges they face. Our programs provide a safe place to stay while helping people locate permanent affordable housing and work towards achieving and maintaining their independence.

Open to all community members, MHSA’s food programs offer daily, weekly, and monthly opportunities to get a free meal or a bag of groceries. At MHSA, we believe that access to healthy and nutritious food is vital to good health and should be readily available to all. That is why anyone is welcome at our food programs to receive healthy food in a judgement free and supportive way, regardless of how often this support is needed.

MHSA offers a variety of evidence-based programs to help people experiencing a substance use disorder to succeed in their recovery. Through residential and clinical treatment, our staff assist each patient to develop the skills needed to sustain long-term recovery and achieve their desired level of independence and health. MHSA’s holistic approach incorporates all aspects of a person’s life into their treatment and helps them to rebuild their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.